The New Hotel Mediteran – Villa Edition


The house rules in hotel Mediteran define a set of rules which enable total comfort to all our guests. You are kindly requested to adhere to the following rules. Otherwise, the hotel retains the right to cancel the use of hotel services with the payment of the incurred expenses.

• At the arrival to the hotel, the guest is obliged to check-in properly with the reception desk personnel and to complete all formalities related to his/her stay. Guests are kindly asked to carry the room card with them displaying the room number and type of service they use.

• Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought into or taken out of the hotel.

• Bringing in easily flammable or explosive material and material with strong or unpleasant smell is not allowed.

• Each guest room has a digital safe for storing valuable items (valuables and money) and instructions for its use. We ask our esteemed guests to keep all personal valuables in a safe. Otherwise, the hotel will not be responsible for their disappearance.

• Every visitor to a room should be reported to the reception desk personnel by the guest, and the visitor is requested to leave his/her ID card.

• Any kind of noise created disturbs the peace of all the hotel guests. You are therefore most kindly asked not to make unnecessary noise. In case you should have complaints related to noise in the hotel, we kindly ask you to call the reception desk dialing the number +382 68 003 311.

• In hotel rooms it is not allowed to prepare food, do the laundry and press clothes, to use electric heaters and like devices which might cause damage and fure, loud use of music instruments, radio sets and other devices the sound of which disturbs the peace of other hotel guests.

The use of drones, roller skates, bicycles and similar vehicles is not permitted in closed areas of the hotel.

• In order for the new guests to get their rooms without undue delay, you are kindly asked to leave your room on the day of your departure by 11 o’clock at the latest. The unannounced or unapproved use of accommodation after 11 o’clock is charged additionally pursuant to the hotel regulations.

• Smoking is not allowed in closed public areas and hotel rooms – except in the designated smoking rooms.

• In case a guest causes damage to the hotel premises, devices, installations and inventory due to his/her behavior, he/she shall be obliged to pay the compensation for the same by the time of his/her leaving the hotel, at the latest. The degree of responsibility and the extent of the damage is determined by the person authorized by the hotel.

• In case of an inappropriate behavior towards other guests, staff members or hotel property, hotel management reserves the right to refuse to provide further use of hotel services and to place him/her on the Black list.

• The hotel Mediteran retains the right to cancel the access to the hotel services to a guest who does not abide by the house rules, with the payment of the incurred expenses.

We kindly ask you to respect all measures issued by the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro. You can find out information about all current measures at the hotel reception.

Hotel Mediteran Management wishes you a pleasant stay