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  • "AMUL" Cafe

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    The New Mediteran - Villa Edition introduces AMUL Cafe, the newest addition to the offerings of the town of Ulcinj.

    AMUL Cafe promises a delightful experience near the city Beach. It welcomes hotel guests and other clients. The serene environment, surrounded by pine forest and natural greenery, provides a peaceful setting for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

    AMUL's menu is carefully crafted, offering a variety of tasty beverages specially designed to enhance your beautiful moments while vacationing in Ulcinj.

  • Old Town

    • 500m
    • 9min
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    A 2000 years old ancient castle in Ulcinj.

    Today mostly inhabited by Albanians, it was built by the Illyrians on a small peninsula at the right side of the beach Gulf, which is part of the Adriatic Sea.

    Today, oldest remains are the Cyclopean Wall. The castle has been restored many times since it was first built although major changes were made by the Byzantinians, Serbs, Venetians, and Ottomans.

    The modern city of Ulcinj was built outside of this castle.

  • Pine Forest

    • 50m
    • 5min
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    The pine tree forest lies a couple of minutes walk from The New Hotel Mediteran – Villa Edition.

    This unique blend offers a perfect escape for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The pine forest in Ulcinj serves as a natural sanctuary, provides a scenic route for individuals seeking physical and mental rejuvenation.

    For fitness enthusiasts, this idyllic setting offers a holistic experience. The forest provides a serene backdrop for yoga sessions or outdoor workouts, allowing you to connect with nature. The crashing waves and pine scent form a sensory experience that refreshes and deepens our connection with nature.

    Crystal clear waters invite you to take a refreshing dip after a satisfying workout.

  • Sailors Mosque

    • 400m
    • 3mins
    • 1min
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    The mosque was first erected in the 14th century by the Moors. It is assumed that they constructed the mosque so that their merchants could pray while trading on this part of the Adriatic Coast.

    The fact that the mosque was erected before Islam was established in Ulcinj indicates the surprise of the Ottomans, having found the sacred place at the sea shore in 1571.

    Ibrahim Pasha of Scutari (1797-1809) had the mosque rebuilt and he dedicated the mosque to the Ulcinj sailors who contributed to his family's success, hence the name – Sailors' Mosque. The mosque was closed and removed in 1931. In 1880, Ulcinj was occupied by Great Power forces and was given to the Principality of Montenegro.

    In 1931 the military demolished the mosque. After 81 years it was rebuilt by private investors from Alanya, Turkey with the help of the Islamic Union of Montenegro and the Municipality of Ulcinj.

  • Ladies Beach

    • 500m
    • 2min
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    It is one of many beaches in Montenegro's South Coast with a special liking amongst the visitors to the region, as well as the local residents.

    Ladies Beach is known for its curious waters, a mixture of sulfur from an underwater spring, radium and sea salts. Pine resin from the sea trees at Ladies Beach, wafts in the air above the beach.

    Locals have long believed that Ladies Beach and its sea caves offer curative powers for ailments, and specific help to women with fertility issues.

  • Valdanos

    • 3000m
    • 60min
    • 5min
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    Valdanos is a beach and major olive production region in Ulcinj Municipality. It is one of many beaches in Montenegro's South Coast.

    Valdanos beach is crescent-shaped, known for its round pebble shoreline that extends for 300 metres. The beach is part of a coastline at Valdanos that extends for approximately three kilometres.

    The olive groves at Valdanos are among Montenegro's largest and most productive, encompassing more than 400,000 square metres and an estimated 18,000 olive trees.

    According to studies, the age of some olive trees reaches up to 1800 years.

  • Ada Bojana

    • 15000m
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    • 20min
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    Ada Bojana is an island in the Ulcinj Municipality.The name Ada means river island in montenegrin.

    The island is created by a river delta of the Bojana River. It is located on the southernmost tip of Montenegro, with the Bojana river separating it from Pulaj and Velipojë in the Albanian territory.

    It has of triangular shape, bordered from two sides by the Bojana river and by the Adriatic Sea from the southwest.

    It is a popular tourist destination, with 3 kilometres (2 miles) long sandy beach with traditional seafood restaurants.

    The New York Times included Ada Bojana and Montenegro's South Coast (including Long beach and Hotel Mediteran) in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010 – "Top Places to Go in 2010".

  • Long Beach

    • 6000m
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    • 10min
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    The Long beach stretches from Port Milena in Ulcinj to the Bojana River, which separates it from Ada Bojana.

    The sand beach's length is 12,000 meters (8 miles), one of the longest in Europe and the longest beach in Montenegro.

    The New York Times included Velika Plaža and Montenegro's South Coast (including Ada Bojana and Hotel Mediteran in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010 - "Top Places to Go in 2010".

  • Nature park Salina

    • 7000m
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    • 12min
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    The Ulcinj Salina, the largest salina (salt pan) in the Adriatic region, is situated in the southernmost part of Montenegro, near the Albanian border.

    This expansive wetland covers an area of nearly 15 square kilometers, making it one of the most significant wetland zones in the Balkans.

    Each year, thousands of wading and water birds find refuge in the Ulcinj Salina during the spring and autumn, using it as a crucial rest stop to replenish their energy for the challenging flight ahead.

    Additionally, the salina serves as a significant breeding site. In total, the site has documented 252 bird species, with 20 of them classified as globally threatened.

  • The old town Shas

    • 17km
    • -
    • 30min
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    The ancient town Shas or Svač (Svatsh) is located on top of a hill (85m) Shas Hill, which streches on the North of Lake Shas, and which offers a beautiful view to the lake and to the whole area of the Bojana Delta.According to a legend Shas had as many churches as there are days in a year.

    However, there were found the ruins of only about ten ancient churches, among which two can be regarded as monumental, although they were ruined.

    Svatsh achieved its culmination in the Middle Ages, although it was several times invaded by various peoples. The Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja conquered Svatsh in 1183. In 1242 it was conquered by the Mongols and finally in 1571 the Ottoman empire totally invaded and destroyed it. Since then, Svatsch has belonged to the category of „dead towns“.

  • Kitesurfing

    • 12000m
    • -
    • 17min
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    If you like active holidays, in Ulcinj you can try kite surfing.

    In Montenegro, the first Kite Surfers came in 2000, and since then, the Long Beach has become one of the leading destinations in Europe when it comes to Kite Surfing.

    The wind that blows almost every day in the Long Beach and a large number of sunny days during the year, are an ideal combination for this sport. Physical preparation for this sport is necessary, but not so important. It needs rather time and practice to learn it. It is not easy, but not even too hard. It is not necessary to be strong, but it is important to be careful and learn how to keep balance. For some 10-15 hours, the kite beginner can learn basic stuff and enter on the water.